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Dukungan dari Jerman untuk Gasol Organik

Dear Fleming,

thank you very much for your mail and the great pictures you sent! They are very beautiful and remind us of a great time :-)

Sorry for not writing back for such a long time. Since we came back from the holidays in Indonesia a lot of things happened and time passes so fast…

Nevertheless, we think very often of our trip to Indonesia - the stay at your rice farm was one of the highlights! It was amazing and very interesting to see how perfectly you produce nutrition and energy in harmony with the nature. I think the products you produce are really great. What also impressed us vey much was the fact, that you treated the animals with the respect and love they deserve. I still remember ‘Dollar’ with his peaceful black eyes and the big belly :-) I was very impressed how peaceful this big animal is and how fast I could get a connection to him – he had a very good karma and there was something special about him.

For Christmas, my mother gave me a poster of Dollar and me. I like it very much and I attached you a picture of that - we were in Austria for skiing (you can see the mountains in the back)

In Germany we have winter and it’s very cold (minus 5 degrees at the moment and snow everywhere). The pictures of Indonesia with the hot temperatures seem almost unreal…

I hope you are all doing well and wish you all the best.


P.S.: Greetings also from my mother

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